Using Terraform with Ansible to Integrate LDAP

This project spins up a Google Cloud Centos7 instance with Terraform and connects to a preexisting LDAP server using Ansible. This way you can have a ready to go instance without extra, automatable steps. You can view my project on GitHub here. To run it on your own machine you need to create a Google […]

Ansible Quick Start

Get up and running with Ansible in 10 minutes or less! This should not be seen as a comprehensive guide but rather a quick start to get you running Ansible. For this guide we will be running against an Ubuntu system, however the steps are very similar for RHEL as well. You do need to […]

RHCSA Partitions Mini Test

To take a this mini practice test you need to set up a virtual RHEL machine. I’ll be providing the commands for both Debian Linux and RHEL to set this up. If you have already done this you can move onto setting up the partitions for the test. Install Virt-Manager Install virt-manager on Debian or […]